What is Milestone Team Training?

Milestone Team Training is a sweat-pouring, energizing, accountable, and fun way to personal train in a small group setting. Your team will be made up of 4 - 12 members. The seasons are 4 weeks long and include 2 workouts per week. Milestone trainers will instruct you, help you set goals, and push you to do your best! Each team becomes a family working together to improve their fitness!

We want to congratulate Erin on meeting some MAJOR goals! She has been training with Virginia in Milestone Team Training for 4 months. Erin has lost 10.8 pounds and 12.1% body fat! This girl is unstoppable! Keep up the hard work! We are proud of you Erin!

Laura has been training with Milestone Team Training for the past four months! She has lost 5.8 pounds and 8.3 % body fat!

“I am now wearing clothes that haven’t fit in years!” - Laura

Laura is continuing with her training to meet the goals she has set, and to live a healthier lifestyle. We are proud of you Laura! 

BIG GOALS accomplished in only 14 weeks!

Lost 16 lbs!

Decreased body fat by 4%!

Dropped 4 inches off both waist & hips!

“Under Dean’s leadership and motivation, Milestone Team Training has made a difference in my thoughts on training and nutrition at age 67. I definitely feel healthier and stronger” - Mike

We are proud of you, Mike!  Keep up the hard work!

“Chris is an absolute go-getter. There is nothing he won’t do! He has found how to make fitness a priority in his life even with a crazy schedule! Chris brings joy and energy to the group every time!” - Virginia

After 10 weeks of training with MTT (Milestone Team Training), Michael is feeling GREAT!

Lost 8 lbs!

Decreased body fat by 4%!

Dropped 3 inches off the waist!

Developing lifestyle habits that will promote continued long-term success!

“When I started training with the MTT group ten weeks ago, I was quite possibly in the worst shape of my life. I have always been active, but my fitness regimen had taken a back seat for a number of months. Now that I’m in my mid-40’s, I find that it’s more important than ever to maintain as high a level of physical fitness possible for a number of reasons. I also needed accountability and an effective program that could produce results that I couldn’t get working on my own.

That’s when Dean and the staff at Milestone came into the picture. They are consummate professionals and fitness experts that are very relational and focused on achieving great results in an effective and measured approach. Spending ten weeks in MTT training twice a week, with a GRIT session or two thrown in during the week, has really increased my strength, balance, agility, and energy levels, and that is very important for an old guy that spends his days sitting behind a desk! I would strongly encourage anyone who is wanting to turn their “fitness lives” around to consider group fitness training at Milestone! It’s been a great re-introduction for me and I look forward to continuing my training and reaching new levels!” - Michael

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