Milestone Team Training

This small group training program at Milestone Lifestyle Fitness combines the energy of a group fitness class with the personal attention and coaching of a personal trainer. Our three different training programs make it so that any member can join – no matter their fitness level.

Experience small group training like never before! Milestone Team Training forms a small group (around 6-12 people) that work together in a six week season. Inspiring music powers every workout and classes are led by a certified personal trainer. Each workout is designed to target specific areas while focusing on form and safety.

Teams work as a unit to help each other reach their own personal milestones through a three-tiered training system that includes:

Foundation: Milestone Team Training Level 1

  • Build a strong foundation through light resistance, basic movements, flexibility, and functional exercise.

Tone: Milestone Team Training Level 2

  • Get toned with heart pumping, whole-body movements and moderate resistance.

Strength: Milestone Team Training Level 3

  • Improve strength and cardio performance with challenging, high intensity, dynamic, and plyometric movements.
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