Living on Purpose

By Shane Hunsinger
Saturday, January 06, 2018

 Purpose  Vision
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This is my first blog on the Milestone Lifestyle Fitness website, and it is not about the latest diet or fitness trend.  It is about Purpose.  It is about living on Purpose.  What do I mean by living on Purpose?  I mean being intentional.  Being intentional with our relationships, intentional with our attitudes, and intentional with our actions.  Each of us receives the gift of 24 hours each day.  The question is, what will I do with the time I've been given?  Will I waste it pursuing selfish and empty ambitions?  Or, will I impact someone's life?  Do I live to serve myself or to serve others?

I started the Milestone Lifestyle Fitness brand with the vision to be able to serve my family, my team, and the Tyler community in a unique and positive way.  While our core functionality is fitness, we are truly in the business of impacting lives.  We are intentional about what we are doing.  We have a vision grounded on a specific Purpose.  Believe me, I am painfully aware of our shortcomings.  On behalf of the entire Milestone Lifestyle Fitness Team, I commit to working tirelessly to continue to improve, to continue to innovate, and to continue to live on Purpose.

If I can ever be of service to you, please feel free to call me, send me a text, or send me an email.  My mobile phone number is (970) 581-0777, and my email address is

Thank you for being a part of the Milestone Lifestyle Fitness community.

Shane Hunsinger

Founder and President of Milestone Lifestyle Fitness.
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